Our mission is to independently examine and promote responsible energy technologies and environmental stewardship to benefit Idaho and the region.

NuScale Small Modular Reactor Project

The Partnership for Science and Technology (PST) has completed its initial in-depth review of the Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP) proposed for Southeast Idaho. This Utah Association of Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) project aims to demonstrate the viability of developing Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) to assist in mitigating the anticipated loss of aging coal plants in 2025. PST’s review was based on currently available information on the CFPP and SMRs, and with additional consideration given to Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations governing the design, safe operating requirements and environmental considerations of new commercial nuclear reactors. Read PST's position statement here.

Nuclear Innovation

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PST supports public and private nuclear technology development.

Environmental Sustainability

Regional Solutions

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PST supports seeking durable solutions to cleanup and waste management.

PST supports advanced research and deployment of new energy technologies.


PST Goals

  • Enhance public awareness and understanding of the science and technology of the energy industry.
  • Promote research and development initiatives in support of our nation's energy security.
  • Raise awareness of the economic benefits that energy technology and the scientific industries provide to the inter-mountain west.  
  • Build on and expand PST credibility with regional and national decision makers, opinion leaders and stakeholders.
  • Establish strategic alliances with similar organizations to advance the PST missions and goals.