PST Founding Member Earns Five Year Extension to Manage INL

Idaho Falls, ID. March 27, 2014–The Partnership for Science and Technology (PST) extends its congratulations to PST founding member Battelle Energy Alliance in receiving a five year contract extension to manage the Idaho National Laboratory.

The contract extension was announced by the Department of Energy Thursday afternoon at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies in Idaho Falls.

“During our recent trip to Washington DC to meet with key DOE decision makers, we shared that our community is proud to host the INL and we were very supportive of BEA’s continued management of the laboratory.” Said Lane Allgood, PST executive director. “We feel BEA’s commitment to invest in the lab’s infrastructure is a evidence of their commitment to INL’s future. All you have to do is drive down University Boulevard and see that INL has real research campus now. That was BEA” added Allgood.

The Center for Advanced Energy Studies at the end of University Boulevard was one of the first initiatives BEA implemented after being awarded the contract to manage and operate the INL. “CAES has paid off in research and education dollars being invested here in Idaho Falls,” said Mike Hart, PST President. “BEA has also embraced nuclear energy as INL’s core mission and you can see that commitment in proposals like the restart of the TREAT reactor and businesses like NuScale and TerraPower coming to Idaho Falls to avail themselves of the expertise at INL. This lab has a vital nuclear large part due to BEA’s leadership. They earned this extension.”

The PST looks forward to working with BEA as they continue to work to resolve the nation and world’s energy challenges.

Posted on March 27, 2014 .