The City of Idaho Falls and Partnership for Science & Technology hosts contractor appreciation Reception

The City of Idaho Falls and Partnership for Science & Technology have joined to put together a contractor reception on May 31, 2016 from 5:30-7:00p.m. at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, 300 S. Capital Avenue, Idaho Falls. 

CH2M-WG Idaho and Idaho Treatment Group have performed an outstanding job operating the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Complex and the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project for several years. The reception is being held to express appreciation for their hard work and dedication as Flour Idaho prepares to take over operations.

"I believe this event will offer a unique view of the breadth and overall magnitude of our contractor's accomplishments over the last several years." said Rebecca Casper, the Mayor of Idaho Falls. "I invite the community to join me in celebrating their significant commitment to creating a better Idaho."

The Department of Energy, State of Idaho, City of Idaho Falls, and Partnership for Science and Technology will all be represented at the event. Community leaders will express their appreciation and gratitude towards the companies that have made the Idaho Clean Up project possible at INL for the past decade. 

Photo: Idaho Falls

Photo: Idaho Falls

Posted on May 27, 2016 .