EAA Call for Nominations

Dear community members,

We’re inviting all community members to submit nominees for this year’s Energy Advocate Awards. Each year the Partnership for Science & Technology recognizes individuals and organizations that have contributed to enhancing energy availability or science/technology education. The awards dinner, which will be in the spring, is a pinnacle annual outreach event for PST.

This year’s nomination criteria and categories are below. Please send your nominations to pscitech@gmail.com by March 24.

General Criteria for All Nominations

  • Nominees will be evaluated based on how closely their contributions align with PST’s mission to independently examine and promote responsible energy technologies and environmental stewardship to benefit Idaho and the region.

  • Nominees may be an individual, agency or organization.

  • Nomination submissions should include the nominee’s name, affiliation, city of work or residence, nominator’s name and nominator’s contact information. In 100 to 500 words, explain the nominee’s contribution and how it meets the general and specific nomination criteria.

Specific Criteria for Each Nomination Category

Science and Technology Educator Award The Science and Technology Educator Award acknowledges outstanding efforts to educate and empower our future leaders and community members.

Science and Technology Innovator Award The Science and Technology Innovator Award recognizes future leadership potential by celebrating an early-career contribution to energy, science or technology.

Regional Energy Advocate Award The Regional Energy Advocate Award acknowledges an outstanding contribution to the region’s energy options or public energy discourse.

National Energy Advocate Award The PST Board of Directors will select a National Energy Advocate Award winner to celebrate an outstanding national contribution that is consistent with PST’s mission to advocate for responsible advancement of energy, technology and/or environmental stewardship.

Posted on January 12, 2017 .