PST Membership

Our membership-based organization includes DOE contractors, scientific and engineering firms, large and small businesses, community leaders, environmentalists, academics and elected officials.

What have we accomplished?

For decades, science and technology efforts in our region have had broad support, but often lacked a unified vice. That changed in 2006 with the formation of PST, which united leaders to become our region's primary energy education advocate. We represent our diverse membership by leading public dialogue on critical issues while facilitating the development of technology-driven projects.

PST always has a seat at the table with our nation's leading edition makers. We have led numerous community delegations to Washington DC - to fight for research investment, advocate for contractor reform to improve government efficiency, and ensure responsible cleanup funding is maintained and wisely allocated. PST also continues to play a key role bringing major nuclear projects to the region.

PST and its members continue to be critical contributors to the news and editorial pages across the state of Idaho. When our membership has issues of interest and concern, we weigh in proactively, providing thoughtful, reason, credible responses to counterbalance misinformation and the sometimes inflamed rhetoric shared by those with a different agenda.

What work remains?

As new scientific, technical and environmental projects are proposed in our region, the combined power of our broad grassroots membership will be vital. Now more than ever, public dialogue about energy and other technical and environmental issues must be based on scientifically accurate premises.

Your PST membership adds strength and credibility to our unified voice in that important public dialogue. With your support, and continuing support from leaders and the affected community, we will continue to provide our members with timely and reliable information, insightful analysis and effective advocacy. If you share our values and our mission Join PST today.

If you are an employee of a corporate member you may be eligible for a member discount. Contact us at for more information.


Joining doesn’t have to be done online! We are committed to understanding what you seek to get out of your membership. Contact if you would like to meet in person or talk to us over the phone to learn more about PST and how membership in our organization will benefit you.