What are the impacts on the Shoshonne-Bannock Tribes?

UAMPS has identified its preferred site within the boundaries of the Idaho National Laboratory site. The 35-acre site is located about six miles south of the Lost River rest stop west of the intersection of U.S. Highways 20 & 26 and due north of EBR-1. Impact to cultural resources will be thoroughly evaluated at this preferred location, but there are no known cultural resource concerns at the preferred site.

The site use permit between UAMPS and DOE requires UAMPS to protect all antiquities on its selected site, which may include Native graves, campsites, relics and artifacts. UAMPS cannot conduct any excavation, digging, drilling or other surface disturbance without first notifying DOE in writing. DOE will ensure that all proposed activity is consistent with numerous legal requirements including historic preservation requirements and cultural resource surveys.

The current use permit also requires UAMPS to exercise reasonable care to preserve native vegetation and protect wildlife on the site. The agreement specifically states that if vegetation must be disturbed, soils shall be replanted or stabilized as appropriate.