What are the most likely or necessary supply chain opportunities for Idaho?

Although the reactor vendor, NuScale, has not yet begun to match local suppliers to its supply chain needs, there will be many and varied opportunities for local firms to participate. A NuScale 12-module plant consists of:

• Over 5000 tons of steel

• Over 39,000 valves

• Over 170,000 cubic yards of concrete

• Over 150,000 linear feet of pipe

• Over 12,000 instruments

• Over 1.5 million linear feet of conduit

• Over 48,000 linear feet of cable tray

• Over 7 million linear feet of wire and cable

• Over 500 miscellaneous electrical components

• Over 900 miscellaneous mechanical components

With a few extremely specialized exceptions (e.g. the reactor fuel to be provided by Areva), NuScale and UAMPS have not committed to specific sources for any of the required equipment and material at this time. Therefore, qualified local suppliers will be able to compete on virtually all of these requirements. Much of these materials and the associated construction will have to meet the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. UAMPS has not done a detailed analysis of this; the PST will watch for additional information in this regard.