What are the potential liabilities associated with a serious reactor accident or radiological event?

With the amount and type of inherent safety features built into the design of the plant the possibility of a serious accident having any off-site radiological consequences is extremely remote. Current core damage frequencies for the NuScale plant indicate a predicted likelihood of such an event to be less than one in 100 million operating reactor years and the damage would be limited to the plant. The postulated beyond design basis event for core damage and radiation leakage from the plant will be within safe limits at the CFPP site boundary, and rapidly decrease with distance. Therefore, there are no expected health impacts to the public or damage to public property. However, the CFPP, like all commercial nuclear facilities, will be covered by the Price-Anderson Act. This Act ensures the availability of a large pool of funds (currently about $10 billion) to provide prompt and orderly compensation of members of the public who incur damages from a nuclear or radiological incident no matter who might be liable.