What is the expected site public exposure to the nearest exposed individual for normal operations and in the worst case accident?

The United States average yearly normal background exposure to an individual is around 300 mrem, while the average in Salt Lake City is around 600 mRem, and in Denver, CO, it is around 1200 mRem. For comparison, the annual exposure at the site boundary for a NuScale Power plant has been calculated to be less than 100 mRem for normal operations, per 10 CFR 20.1301(a)(1). Additionally, the maximum exposure in the worst-case accident has been calculated to be less than 1 mRem which will meet the limits of 10 CFR 20.1301(e) and 40 CFR 190. Assumptions pertaining to the location of the nearest offsite individual are site-specific and will be included in the combined Construction and Operating Licensing Application (COLA), not yet commenced.