What is the impact on the state’s universities, colleges, or vocational training centers ?

NuScale has not yet studied the impact of construction and operation of a NuScale Nuclear Power Plant on the state’s universities, colleges or vocational training centers. However, the Nuclear Energy Institute estimates that 39 percent of the 2014 nuclear workforce will be eligible for retirement by 2018. This will create a replacement need for 20,000 new workers. This represents an opportunity for Idaho schools at all levels of career training. The availability of a new nuclear plant can be a springboard to Idaho becoming a key source for the engineers, scientists and skilled trade labor needed to run and maintain America’s nuclear fleet. Several programs such as this have been successfully deployed in association with other nuclear facilitie such as programs developed with the support of Duke energy in Nebraska, Missouri and South Carolina. NuScale has a tradition of engaging in collaborative studies with national laboratories and universities in order to work towards solving problems such as workforce training and replacement. Having a nuclear plant nearby can only improve the nuclear engineering program at Idaho State University.