What is the UAMPS CFPP?

UAMPS: The Utah Association of Municipal Power Systems is a project-based organization. It presently operates 16 separate projects that provide a variety of power supply, transmission and other services to its Members. The UAMPS membership represents 45 entities from Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Wyoming. Idaho Falls Power is a member of UAMPS. The members decide whether or not to participate in UAMPS' projects and are not obligated to participate in any particular project. In general, UAMPS and its members enter into a contract that specifies the services or product that UAMPS will provide for a specific project, the cost for participating members, and other matters relating to the project. Idaho Falls Power may choose to purchase some of the power produced by the CFPP.

Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP): UAMPS decided to develop a Carbon Free Power Project, anchored by small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) to help mitigate the retirement of aging coal plants and to produce clean, emissions-free baseload electricity for the growing energy needs of members and customers. It also helps UAMPS be responsive to EPA’s Clean Power Plan Rule, which requires the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal-and gas-fired power plants, while recognizing that development of new nuclear generation can play a vital role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the electric utility industry. The U.S. has announced a goal of reducing economy-wide carbon emissions by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030, while starting to make meaningful reductions in 2020.

The plan for the CFPP is that it will be designed to be capable of holding 12 modules for a total generating capacity rated at about 600 MWe. So, the UAMPS site will generate between 50 and 600 MWe. As they are expected to operate ~90% of the time, they will generate 50-570 MWe-yr per year. For comparison, the four wind farms east of Idaho Falls produce about 110 MWe-yr. The four Idaho Falls Power dams on the Snake River produce 25-MWe-yr. UAMPS has not yet projected the cost of electricity from the plant.